Dark Country EP

by don_t go

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released February 21, 2016

Music by don_t go.

don_t go are Nina Jukić (vocals, piano) and Alexander Forstner (guitar, drums, electronics).

Produced by Ksenija Ladić and Matija Vojvodić with don_t go.
Recorded by Florian Jauker at Audio Manufaktur, Vienna.
Cover photo by Olena Newkryta.

don_t go 2016



all rights reserved


don_t go Vienna, Austria

A delicate mixture of melancholic melodies, catchy grooves, intimate lyrics and soulful vocals.
All looped live.

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Track Name: Stranger
Hey, stranger,
Why are you so strange?
And what's that strange language that you speak?
Hey, stranger,
With your strange face
And your strange manners
We don't want you here

Hey, stranger,
We can't spell your name
And your strange letters we cannot read
Are you just like us?
Or do you think you're special?
Aren't you feeling strange?
You must be feeling strange

'Cause you're strange
Aren't you feeling strange?

Hey, stranger,
Why are you so strange?
Don't you wanna rather blend in and fade?
Don't you wanna rather forget where you're from
And be more like us?

'Cause you're strange
Aren't you feeling strange?
Track Name: Dark Country
Through the snow...

Mountains high and valleys low
Moving fast through the window
Bringing me closer
Closer to you

Through the woods and through the snow
The path is many miles long
But I am coming closer
Closer to you
Track Name: Home
You make me feel like I have a home
You make me feel like I'm not alone
In this place I call home

And if I have nothing, I have you
And if I know nothing, I know that I have you

You make me feel like I'm not alone
You make me feel like I have a home

Every day I wait for you
All alone I wait for you

Pull me closer
I don't need the world now
Track Name: Saturn Return
I've destroyed everything
Now it's time to move on
The rules and routines
I'll break them again

Make room for change
I'm done with this dungeon
My intuition speaks to me
I will survive out there

Round and round
It's a never-ending dance
On and on
Never stopping, move on

Never stopping, move on...